Boyfriend or New guy? A reading

A client came to me with her situation involving her current boyfriend, who she thinks is cheating and possibly starting to date a new guy.. here is what I got. I hoped I helped her!


Okay, so I sat down in a meditation and asked my guides to connect me with your boyfriend’s energy. I immediately got the sense that he is lying about something. My guides wanted me to pull a card to represent him and the card that came up was Four of Pentacles. This card represents possessiveness and the need for material things. This is not a good suitor for a relationship. He will always value his things and material goods more than he values you. He is selfish and only does things to make himself happy. He does not want to make other people happy. This card represents a greedy man. While connected to his energy, I can see that he does in fact have another woman in his life. I can also see a child in his energy as well.

I feel like you have caught him in lies before, is this true? My guides are saying that you already know the truth, deep down because he has lied in the past , so why wouldn’t he be lying now? My guides are saying “once a liar, always a liar” … have you forgiven him in the past for lying? What we has lying about? I can feel cheating in his energy, and I feel like he has cheated on you and other woman multiple times. He is never going to change, that’s the hardest thing to acknowledge… nothing you do or say will change him, and the best thing is to move on with your life .
Is there anyway to get more proof of your boyfriend and this other woman? I feel like sometimes its easier to move on if you have real proof. I have been in a similar situation before, so I know the feeling. I think that the facebook thing is pretty much proof enough, and I can feel in your energy that you’ve already taken a few steps away from him. I think that is the right move… your energy and his energy are not a match. There is too much conflict there and he is not the type of person that will make you happy long term.The hardest thing to do is move on from a relationship. But I know you can handle it. My guides are telling me that you need to not obsess about it and you need to just cut him out of your life cold turkey. Just ignore him and never talk to him again.
I pulled a card to represent Bill and the card that came up was Knight of Cups! This is the soul mate card!!!. This is your knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. This is a very good sign. My guides are telling me that he is a very good person and will not hurt you. He only has good intentions. He is a very honest person, and cares about people with his whole  heart. He is someone that you can be very serious with and he will not lie to you. I hope it works out ! Good luck!

Relationship Reading – Six of wands, reversed.

Hi everyone!! I wanted to share a recent reading that I did for one of my clients. They wanted a reading done about a possible new relationship and I just love what my guides came up with and the energy I got from this new potential love interest. Seems like a great person, can’t wait to see if it works out. 
The card that was pulled was the Six of Wands, reversed. When this card comes up in relationships, it’s representing a fear, a worry that you have about something serious. Maybe you have commitment issues or maybe you’re worried that this person won’t commit all the way to you. There is an underlining fear that you have about this possible new relationship, and my guides are telling you to not let this fear control you. Get in front of the fear, and don’t let it take over. What is it about this guy that you’re afraid of? Are you scared it’s not going to work out? That’s the main thing my guides are showing me. You are so scared of getting your heart broken again that it’s kind of giving you cold feet. My guides are saying that you shouldn’t worry, this is a genuine person, and his heart is in the right place. When I’m connected to his energy, I don’t see any malice or ill intent. I hardly see any baggage either. He is well rounded, and grounded strongly to the earth. He is comfortable with himself and has a lot of love to offer someone else. He is a good match for you. You are opposites that come together to form a whole. His laid back, grounded aura will bring you back down in times of need. I would definitely consider getting into a serious relationship with this man if I were you. Good vibes all around. My guides are showing me a life time of happiness. 
The only thing my guides want to warn you about is something to do with your ex… I feel like he may try to come back around into your life to stir the pot, so to say. He’s going to see that you’re moving forward, and you’re happy now. He is going to try to bring you down, he doesn’t like that you’re happy without him. Has he contacted you recently? I’m picking up on that. I am picking up on him trying to make you feel bad for him. My guides say that you need to not give in to his games, and keep ignoring him. Do not talk to him at all .Not even 1 word. Do not give in. Block him and just move forward with your life. He is nothing but bad news. If he hasn’t already tried to talk to you, he will. Be careful, he will cause problems for you and this potential new relationship.
If anyone would like a reading from me, right now I’m charging $10 for new client readings, which includes 3 questions of your choice in the topics of health, relationships, finance, or career. I am also a medium and can connect with deceased loved ones for you, and get messages across. I also specialize in past lives and helping you discover what your soul is capable of. Please email me at for any other questions. I appreciate it.

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Reminder: Ground yourself

Don’t forget to ground yourself and clear out your energy everyday!! It can really affect you. I really needed this reminder. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been feeling “off” lately. I was browsing other people’s posts and this one really hit hard for me, it’s a great reminder. THANK YOU!

Tree. If you have been feeling like your mind and energy have been all over the place lately, this could be a sign that you are not connected to the Earth Mother. When we are not grounded in our bodies, to the Earth, we feel imbalanced, and things can stress us out or make us […]

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Today’s card: King of Cups, reversed.

Today my guides have guided me to my Druid deck and the card that came up was the King of Cups, reversed. This card is about someone who is toxic and controlling. Someone who uses emotions to control you. This card is here to remind you that you need to take control of your own life and free yourself from this toxicity and control. It’s time that you finally stand up for yourself and take control of your own emotions and stop letting this person have all the power. I understand how hard it can be to finally break this bond you have with this harmful person, but it will be worth it.

Someone who has emotional control over you can alter everything around you. They change the way you view others, the way you view life, and the way you view yourself. After time with this person, you no longer think you are beautiful or deserving. You think you are not loved, and that no one will love you except them. You hate everything about yourself that you once loved, you feel ashamed and lonely. This person sucks all the life out of you until you are completely depressed and dependent on them and their “love” for you. This person gaslights you so much, that you think you are the one causing all your problems, and they are innocent. This person pulls so much on your emotional strings that you begin to think you are crazy.  This does not always have to be a romantic interest; it can be a parent, or even just a friend. They are narcissistic and most of the time, sociopaths. They have no emotion and they don’t care how others feel.

If this sounds familiar, I’m here to help. Let’s dig into what is holding you here with this person and let’s figure out the next step to getting away from this person. The first step is admitting that you should not have this person in your life, and admitting you need help. You can do this. You can be strong. The road ahead seems scary, but it’s so worth it. Being emotionally abused is one of the hardest things to get over, but it CAN be done. I’m here to help.



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Tarot cards:

  • General Reading – $15   — 3 questions of your choice regarding career, health, relationship, or finance. The card spreads varies on these ones depending on what questions you ask. Anywhere from 3 to 7 cards.
  • Quick 1 question reading – $5  — One question of your choice regarding career, health, relationship, or finance. It will be a 1 card pull with explanation.
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  • Fertility spread – $15 — When will you conceive, boy or girl, how many children you will have, how long it will take, what is blocking you from conceiving 

Other readings:

  • Pendulum charts – $15 — Messages from deceased loved one using a pendulum and an alphabet chart.
  • Ghost/spirit identification – $10 — Send me pictures of your home, or bedroom, or wherever you think might be haunted, and I’ll be able to identify it and help you get rid of it.


Other Services:

  • Classes/teaching – $10 — I will send you few pages I typed on how to open chakras, communicate with the deceased, meditate, read tarot and other things. I will also be available to chat about your progress through email and give you some practice.

All new clients welcome

This is the post excerpt.

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Hello and Blessings! I finally got my website up and running and I am ready to take on new clients. My facebook page is where I will be posting tarot tips and tricks as well as “the card of the day” posts, so please follow me on there! i also post on instagram.

I am now officially open for all new clients 7 days a week. How this works, is once you email me with your questions and concerns, you get put on the list and your reading is always done that day or the next, you never have to wait more than 24 hours for your reading.

I have also started a weekly e-newsletter that I email to everyone every weekend. Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in. It’s completely free and just my way of staying in contact with my clients. It’s just a little guidance to motivate you on your day to day life.

My new prices are as follows:

All new clients first reading is $10 (includes up to 3 questions)

Any returning clients get readings for $15 (includes up to 3 questions)

Anytime you refer a friend, you BOTH get your next reading for only $5 (up to 3 questions)

Every 6th reading with me is completely free.

I hope to read for you guys soon!!

Take care,