I have been doing psychic readings for over a year now, building my clientele as I go. I worked with a mentor closely when I first discovered my abilities and she has guided me this far.

I have always been sensitive since a young age, but it was when I was 27 years old and going through an extremely emotional breakup when I discovered my ability to communicate with the deceased and read peoples energy.

My business is based on email readings. These work because I am able to connect to someones energy without seeing them in person. All I need to know is their name and I can connect to them with the help of my guides. I can also read pictures of houses and/or rooms that you might think are haunted. I can help you get rid of anything bothering you, from afar.

My tarot card readings are all unique to each person and my guides tell me what spreads to use for each person and situation. There are many ways I can help you with whatever you’re struggling with. Please contact me for more information. Thank you!