Boyfriend or New guy? A reading

A client came to me with her situation involving her current boyfriend, who she thinks is cheating and possibly starting to date a new guy.. here is what I got. I hoped I helped her!


Okay, so I sat down in a meditation and asked my guides to connect me with your boyfriend’s energy. I immediately got the sense that he is lying about something. My guides wanted me to pull a card to represent him and the card that came up was Four of Pentacles. This card represents possessiveness and the need for material things. This is not a good suitor for a relationship. He will always value his things and material goods more than he values you. He is selfish and only does things to make himself happy. He does not want to make other people happy. This card represents a greedy man. While connected to his energy, I can see that he does in fact have another woman in his life. I can also see a child in his energy as well.

I feel like you have caught him in lies before, is this true? My guides are saying that you already know the truth, deep down because he has lied in the past , so why wouldn’t he be lying now? My guides are saying “once a liar, always a liar” … have you forgiven him in the past for lying? What we has lying about? I can feel cheating in his energy, and I feel like he has cheated on you and other woman multiple times. He is never going to change, that’s the hardest thing to acknowledge… nothing you do or say will change him, and the best thing is to move on with your life .
Is there anyway to get more proof of your boyfriend and this other woman? I feel like sometimes its easier to move on if you have real proof. I have been in a similar situation before, so I know the feeling. I think that the facebook thing is pretty much proof enough, and I can feel in your energy that you’ve already taken a few steps away from him. I think that is the right move… your energy and his energy are not a match. There is too much conflict there and he is not the type of person that will make you happy long term.The hardest thing to do is move on from a relationship. But I know you can handle it. My guides are telling me that you need to not obsess about it and you need to just cut him out of your life cold turkey. Just ignore him and never talk to him again.
I pulled a card to represent Bill and the card that came up was Knight of Cups! This is the soul mate card!!!. This is your knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. This is a very good sign. My guides are telling me that he is a very good person and will not hurt you. He only has good intentions. He is a very honest person, and cares about people with his whole  heart. He is someone that you can be very serious with and he will not lie to you. I hope it works out ! Good luck!

Author: readingsbyalayna

I am a clairvoyant and medium working with my spirit guides, angels, and the tarot to help guide you through life's journey.

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