Relationship Reading – Six of wands, reversed.

Hi everyone!! I wanted to share a recent reading that I did for one of my clients. They wanted a reading done about a possible new relationship and I just love what my guides came up with and the energy I got from this new potential love interest. Seems like a great person, can’t wait to see if it works out. 
The card that was pulled was the Six of Wands, reversed. When this card comes up in relationships, it’s representing a fear, a worry that you have about something serious. Maybe you have commitment issues or maybe you’re worried that this person won’t commit all the way to you. There is an underlining fear that you have about this possible new relationship, and my guides are telling you to not let this fear control you. Get in front of the fear, and don’t let it take over. What is it about this guy that you’re afraid of? Are you scared it’s not going to work out? That’s the main thing my guides are showing me. You are so scared of getting your heart broken again that it’s kind of giving you cold feet. My guides are saying that you shouldn’t worry, this is a genuine person, and his heart is in the right place. When I’m connected to his energy, I don’t see any malice or ill intent. I hardly see any baggage either. He is well rounded, and grounded strongly to the earth. He is comfortable with himself and has a lot of love to offer someone else. He is a good match for you. You are opposites that come together to form a whole. His laid back, grounded aura will bring you back down in times of need. I would definitely consider getting into a serious relationship with this man if I were you. Good vibes all around. My guides are showing me a life time of happiness. 
The only thing my guides want to warn you about is something to do with your ex… I feel like he may try to come back around into your life to stir the pot, so to say. He’s going to see that you’re moving forward, and you’re happy now. He is going to try to bring you down, he doesn’t like that you’re happy without him. Has he contacted you recently? I’m picking up on that. I am picking up on him trying to make you feel bad for him. My guides say that you need to not give in to his games, and keep ignoring him. Do not talk to him at all .Not even 1 word. Do not give in. Block him and just move forward with your life. He is nothing but bad news. If he hasn’t already tried to talk to you, he will. Be careful, he will cause problems for you and this potential new relationship.
If anyone would like a reading from me, right now I’m charging $10 for new client readings, which includes 3 questions of your choice in the topics of health, relationships, finance, or career. I am also a medium and can connect with deceased loved ones for you, and get messages across. I also specialize in past lives and helping you discover what your soul is capable of. Please email me at for any other questions. I appreciate it.

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Author: readingsbyalayna

I am a clairvoyant and medium working with my spirit guides, angels, and the tarot to help guide you through life's journey.

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