Today’s card: King of Cups, reversed.

Today my guides have guided me to my Druid deck and the card that came up was the King of Cups, reversed. This card is about someone who is toxic and controlling. Someone who uses emotions to control you. This card is here to remind you that you need to take control of your own life and free yourself from this toxicity and control. It’s time that you finally stand up for yourself and take control of your own emotions and stop letting this person have all the power. I understand how hard it can be to finally break this bond you have with this harmful person, but it will be worth it.

Someone who has emotional control over you can alter everything around you. They change the way you view others, the way you view life, and the way you view yourself. After time with this person, you no longer think you are beautiful or deserving. You think you are not loved, and that no one will love you except them. You hate everything about yourself that you once loved, you feel ashamed and lonely. This person sucks all the life out of you until you are completely depressed and dependent on them and their “love” for you. This person gaslights you so much, that you think you are the one causing all your problems, and they are innocent. This person pulls so much on your emotional strings that you begin to think you are crazy.  This does not always have to be a romantic interest; it can be a parent, or even just a friend. They are narcissistic and most of the time, sociopaths. They have no emotion and they don’t care how others feel.

If this sounds familiar, I’m here to help. Let’s dig into what is holding you here with this person and let’s figure out the next step to getting away from this person. The first step is admitting that you should not have this person in your life, and admitting you need help. You can do this. You can be strong. The road ahead seems scary, but it’s so worth it. Being emotionally abused is one of the hardest things to get over, but it CAN be done. I’m here to help.



Author: readingsbyalayna

I am a clairvoyant and medium working with my spirit guides, angels, and the tarot to help guide you through life's journey.

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